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Soujourn in the South Of France

So, Eclecticana have moved temporarily - or rather relocated - to the Languedoc Roussillon, where we will spend the Summer and early Autumn cherry-picking great items for collectors and dealers in the UK.

In some ways the buying trips to France have become the norm for a great many British Antique & Collectable dealers, and at fairs that we attend in the UK - such as Peterborough’s twice yearly Festival of Antiques, IACF’s Newark Fair and the Arthur Swallow Lincoln venue - they are often awash with French enamel lunchboxes, pails, kitchen and cooking utensils and other items snapped up cheaply abroad in the numerous Brocantes and Vide Greniers of France... But, we won’t be bringing items like that back.

At Eclecticana, we pride ourselves on being able to source the bizarre, the unusual and the unique because we find our customers want exactly that - something that makes an item unusual and therefore more desirable.

As well as hunting down treasures for our discerning clients we will be delving into the history of the region and sharing it on our blog on a regular basis (look out for our forthcoming blog that will explore the origins and ethos of the The Iron Front, a radical political organisation that was banned in 1933, but still lived on in the hidden corners of Europe and Southern France)

We hope you will join us as we journey through this region and enjoy the things that will share with you over the coming months.

à bientôt,

Trak et Clare-Lou @ Eclecticana

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