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Losing yourself in Pézenas

How long had we been there? It seemed such a brief visit, but 5 hours later we wearily sat down with a grand creme and took stock of our latest haul. Pézenas has always been a haven for Brocanteurs but at the Grand Foire, held only twice a year, over 200 dealers gather in the early morning light, setting up stalls of treasure.

We wandered to and fro down the broad avenues, at first just soaking up the sights and then gradually digging in to the trove, hunting new acquisitions and exploring the stories of some of the more bizarre items and how they came to be there.

A nameless 30s starlet with dark cupid bow lips languished in a plastic bag with the signature of the famed Sam Lévin on her left shoulder, a collection of diaries and love letters fluttered in the morning breeze, held down by fossils and a tin can, and a tank... built for a child to drive but big enough to do some serious damage! All brought together with acres of art, china, glass, linen, vinyl, silver in a chaotic game of hide and seek.

This time we were buying... next time we'll be selling...

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