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Declare your love the traditional way?

Antique Welsh Love Spoon (image courtesy of National Museum of Wales)
Welsh love spoon (image credit to National Museum of Wales)

As Valentine's Day approaches, the discerning lovers are turning away from the acres of lurid red and pink card towards a more personal, lasting token to declare their love.

Love spoons, carved from one piece of wood by a suitor for their beloved, were a symbol of intent; the decorations carrying messages of love, hope and commitment. These spoons, famously Welsh, have also been found in Scandinavia and in areas across Eastern Europe. The oldest known example in the UK is held at St Fagans in Wales and dates from the 1600s.

More recently their charm has inspired contemporary makers and new collectable love spoons are being carved to order, carrying a lasting message to your loved one.

At Eclecticana we love hunting down original antique love spoons, worn with care and age, that can tell stories of love passed, of treasured moments and lasting commitments. These spoons, passed to new lovers, can continue their stories for coming generations and act as a beautiful recognition of blossoming connections.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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